Our purpose

Turning your ideas into brands people love.

Alloy is a creative studio focused on enabling stronger connections between people and brands. Since 2014, we've worked with companies that are evolving their industries; we create thoughtful brands and useful products for them. While we’re at it, we establish friendships and long-lasting working relationships with our clients and their customers because we truly believe this is the way of building better, more impactful companies.

People hire us because

We design consciously and purposefully.

We create solutions that impact and add real value to people's lives. We design for our client's clients. We think big and execute lean - if a clever idea does not bring value to your business we won't carry it out.

People hire us because

We get them.

We work with companies who want to be remembered. We build brands that inspire, are unique, and people want to represent. Our goal is to enable a bold way of thinking in companies who want to do things differently and take brave steps forward.

People hire us because

We always get better.

Our process is never stagnant. We adapt and innovate as we learn from or mistakes and our successes. We love exploring new territories and going where others don't. We're life-long learners continuously gathering knowledge that we share along the way.

Home is where our is

Our Studio

We call the Silos on Sawyer home, where we form part of the highest concentration of working creatives in Texas and the United States. Being in the creative heart of Houston, we're immersed in the arts and our work is a clear reflection of that. We love to surround ourselves with amazing people so every 2nd Saturday of each month we open our doors for you to drop by and chat with us.

Alloy Studio space in the Silos on Sawyer
Alloy design studio offices in Houston
Alloy Studio design process